1.2 km of solar panels along the lake shore


An interesting solar energy project has been implemented in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Along the shore of the lake, next to which there is a busy highway, so there are no beaches, respectively, established

All work was completed in 100 days. Someone will ask, why was it necessary at all, and where the energy from these solar panels will go. The project was not taken from the ceiling, just to attach some more solar panels for show. # The energy generated by this lake solar power plant is directed to support the operation of a local pumping and water treatment plant, from where water is then supplied to the homes of local residents. Given the specific features of India in terms of sanitary culture, and the latest pandemic-related events in the country, this is a very correct and timely project. People will receive clean water, while the pumping and treatment plant will not use «dirty» diesel or coal energy.

Also, according to the calculations of local analysts, it will be

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