A new electric car showroom NEO CARS has opened in Moscow


In Moscow, on the territory of the business center «Danilovskaya Manufactura», at Varshavskoe shosse, 9s1, opened

Two Chinese-made electric vehicles were unveiled at the opening, an electric SUV with a Li One generator, and an Xpeng G3 crossover. But the undisputed favorite of the event was exactly Li One by Li Auto. This luxury six-seater electric 4×4 SUV is considered an electric vehicle as it has an all-electric drivetrain powered by a traction battery with a capacity

One could call this scheme a hybrid, but the manufacturer itself, and in its main market in China, this #car is positioned exactly as an #electric vehicle, but with extended range technology. If you do not go into technical features, but approach it from the point of view of psychology, then I would call Li One an ideal car in order to experience all the delights of owning and driving an electric car, while you do not have to fear that you will not reach the charging station. and besides, such a scheme is very convenient in the winter.

All of the above benefits of this electric SUV are appreciated by Chinese buyers. Li One became the best-selling electrified vehicle in its class on the Chinese market in June, with 7,827 vehicles sold, according to Chinese automotive statistics agencies and a press release from the company itself. This is 313.9% more compared to the same period last year and 61.6% compared to May this year. Li Auto beat #nio with 7777 in this unofficial classification, and #xpeng Motors with 6639 sales.

Also #li auto took 10th place in June in terms of the number of registrations in the luxury brand class, right behind #porsche with 8,383 cars. This can be considered the undoubted success of the brand, and of a particular model, since Li Auto only launched the 2021 Li ONE on the market on May 25.

Now this luxury SUV is available to the Russian buyer,

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