A New Era of Armored Vehicles for the Russian Army?


Russian developers from the military innovative technopolis «Era» presented the eponymous two-seater off-road electric vehicle at the # Army-2021 forum. Earlier we already told you about electric vehicles that were demonstrated at the Russian army forum, but those were exclusively civilian projects — # prototype

The fact that our military developers have finally presented an electric vehicle for the army suggests that in certain circles they understand that future military missions will not do without this type of transport. In press release

There are not so many details on the technical characteristics. It is known that # the Era electric car is all-wheel drive and is equipped with two electric drives, one per axle. The total power of the electric motors is 24.27 kW (33 hp). The basic range is 120 km, but it can be increased by using recuperation. The maximum speed is 80 km / h.

Here, to be honest, in fact, there is really nothing to brag about. Despite the fact that this is a two-seater car, but in fact the second, the rear passenger is simply practically squeezed by the front seat. If, as the developers of this vehicle assure, it finds its application in reconnaissance, and can also be used to transport supplies or medicines, then there is simply no normal place for the second crew member. He will literally have to squeeze to get out of the car. And imagine this process in full combat ammunition, with an armored armor and layouts.

As I see it, the idea of creating this electric car was based on the Russian electric car #bravo ego, which was frozen at the prototype stage. Even the body shape, which tapers towards the rear, is very similar. The wheelbase has just been increased due to the wide rear axle.

Yes, this is a good topic, a good beach electric car, but for military purposes it will be of little use, especially if you compare it with Western competitors. And they are.

And here, by the way, in the press release of Technopolis #Era, in my opinion, they are a little cunning, saying that such systems are under development abroad. Yes, it is not so. They were in the development stage already 3-4 years ago. Since then, they, like the «Era», have been tested in army units.

For example, we can recall the electric #buggy, #the Reckless ATV from Nikola Motor, which was presented already in December 2017. And this is already a car of a completely different level, and is really comfortable for the crew. It has a length of 3.83 m, a width of 1.57 m and a height of 1.87 m, a wheelbase of 2.99 m, and a ground clearance of 0.355 m.

Reckless is designed for 4 people who can dismount almost instantly, whether on the move or when stopping. He also has the ability to complete additional equipment in the form of a winch, a platform for a drone or removal of the wounded.

A similar car was developed by the Texas company #volcon. More precisely, two cars —

It is not enough to write # made in russia, and to present something at the exhibition, it must be really technically verified, reliable, convenient and functional. The creation of the Era electric car is a step in the right direction, but it is only the first step. In many countries, defense companies are now building military vehicles using electromobility technology. They make it possible to make the vehicle silent, fast, and with negligible heat footprint, which is important for reconnaissance and sabotage operations. But when the second team member has a hard time getting out of the back seat, wasting time, that’s not good.

Indeed, in this case, time is sometimes equal to life.

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