A special development path for the electromobility sector in Russia


It seems that something that has been talked about for so long and a lot in the electromobility community of Russia has begun to come true. The Russian government, timidly, almost by touch, is beginning to follow the path of stimulating the creation and development of the electromobility sector in the country. Earlier, in May of this year,

In early August, a joint working group of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, headed by the Minister of Economic Development of Russia

So, representatives of the ministries announced the proposed incentive measures. First of all, this is a discount for each individual citizen when buying an electric car in the amount of

It is worth remembering that not long ago, at the end of May, # Ilon Musk, while communicating with Russian students as part of the New Knowledge online marathon, said that he was considering the possibility of opening a #tesla production facility in Russia, after which

So it may well be that this plan will help attract new electric vehicle companies from the United States and China to Russia. It could also provide an incentive for companies already operating in the country to start producing electric vehicles here. This applies primarily to #renault and #volkswagen.

In Russia, as always, we have our own special path. Denis Manturov said about what he said in his interview to Rossiyskaya Gazeta — there will be no bans on the use of internal combustion engines, but the production of electric vehicles within the country will be stimulated. And as we stated above, # discounts will be offered on the # cars collected here.

In any case, I am glad that government officials understand the importance, the need for the development of the electromobility sector of the economy in Russia. Everything is here — development, production, infrastructure, trade and service. Analysts from the government working group say that, according to their calculations, the comprehensive implementation of the «electromobility plan» will give the country by 2030:

The electromobility revolution, which is taking place today in the entire developed world, with some delay, will nevertheless come to Russia. It’s unavoidable. Whoever says anything. There are empty words, but there are real deeds. The Russian government, of course, sees all global trends and transformations, including in the transport sector. But it will not be possible to instantly «transplant» them to the Russian reality. This path will take a little longer than the average for developed countries. But it will still be. In addition, judging by the statistics of the Russian electric car market, many Russians are not going to wait for «better times» and are switching to electric cars today. Moreover, this market segment has been growing for several years at a rate of at least 50% per year.

And it’s actually good that the Russian government is proposing to introduce discounts on domestically produced electric cars. This, ultimately, will attract new investments, technologies here, create new jobs, and therefore increase the welfare of workers in this area and their families.

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