Aesthetic differences with Roscosmos


When we publish materials about the development of space projects by Elon Musk and his company SpaceX, some ask why we are not talking about the project of the Russian nuclear tug «Zeus». I will not undertake to speak for all my colleagues, I will say my own, exclusively subjective opinion. By the way, the project of the «Eagle» spacecraft goes to the same basket.

I will not now discuss the technical details of Zeus and Eagle, especially since they are not yet even full-size prototypes, which are already being tested today. This is the main difference from SpaceX projects. Elon Musk’s company has consistently made the #falcon 9 reusable launch vehicle, the Dragon cargo ship (already in two generations), and the #crew dragon manned spacecraft. And at present, today, the stage of docking of the Starship prototype and the Super Heavy LV prototype should be completed. You could see the broadcast of that stage in our material «

And what can you tell, and most importantly, what can you show about «Zeus» and «Eagle»? You know the answer yourself. I don’t want to waste time on pouring from empty to empty.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. The question, as indicated in the title, is the aesthetic rejection of at least the names of projects. To paraphrase the words of old dissidents, I have, among other things, aesthetic differences with Roscosmos.

Soviet designers of space systems gave unique and understandable names to their projects — Vostok, Voskhod, Soyuz, Progress, Mir, Spiral, Lightning, Energy, #storm, Tempest, Baikal. You can see for yourself that these are clear and authentic names, especially for ships of the Buran series.

What do we have now in the names of new projects? The future manned spacecraft was named #eagle. Wait, how does Falcon translate? That’s right, Falcon. #Roskosmos decided to fence their Falcon with our Eagle? To measure at whom the «wings» are longer?

What if this name was taken in memory and in honor of the first Russian sailing ship created, again, according to the Western European type? The sailing frigate «Eagle» was launched in 1670 at the shipyard near Kolomna. But then it would be more logical to name a ship of the # clipper type, which, according to some rumors, will still try to revive.

But so far there is neither one nor the other in the hardware, and the name is already, as it were, «competing» with the product from SpaceX.

It’s the same here, there is nothing to talk about the technical part. For now.

Then, as soon as I heard that in the past the Nuclon project was renamed to #Zeus, I laughed for a long time. Really fun. So, the Americans decided to return to the moon and named their project #artemis. And the name is not accidental at all. Remember that the previous lunar project was called #apollo. According to the pantheon of Greek gods, Artemis and Apollo are twins, and their mother was the goddess Leto. Who was the father? And the father was Zeus! Is it like Roscosmos «say» that they are you … and in general Artemis is our child? Have you decided to fence by seniority and status?

But there are a few more points here. According to the same pantheon of Greek gods, Zeus was still that walker, that is, there were no braces and family values ​​there. And in general, how to put it censorshiply, he was binary, well, that is, he «loved» everyone. The essence of his relationship with Ganymede is shrouded in the fog of Olympus. Do you understand what I’m talking about. Well, how can the newest Russian spacecraft be named after such a thing? But it’s not only that. I would like to ask those in Roskosmos who came up with such a name. Are you generally Russians or Greco-Romans ?! Well, okay, maybe you are allergic to everything Soviet, so you abandoned the principle of giving names to products according to the Soviet principle. But it was possible to give names to the ships, taking as a basis the pantheon of ancient Russian gods — Dazhbog, #svarog, Perun, Veles, or Yarovit. Or is it not in the Orthodox way? Well, then it is not in the Orthodox way to call the product by the name of the ancient Greek god.

In short, you’re in big trouble in terms of creativity. And to give names on the principle of plugging the enemy in the belt only by taking a more status name looks at least ridiculous.

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