Agroenergetics — a new word and a concept that unites two areas of production


After studying new technologies in transport and energy, you begin with a semi-touch note, where it would be useful and effectively apply one or another novelty. One of their such places where modern solar energy technologies can be applied, these are greenhouses. Many square kilometers of glass roofs are often used as effectively as it would be possible.

Almost 4 years ago we told about the Swiss startup

Technology yourself nothing if you do not apply to real life. And the technology of Insolight began to be applied in agriculture. Local energy company

The press release #insolight says, «

That is, the «greenhouse» economy, whose roof is equipped with similar panels can more effectively control the microclimate indoors, reducing or increasing the degree of illumination, and at the same time generate electricity to provide watering and climattonal systems, as well as illuminated by LED lamps at night. This allows you to optimize plant photosynthesis per season and reduce the negative effect of high summer heat on the yield and the quality of agricultural products.

I believe that this would be useful to our Russian farms, which sometimes suffer from weather anomalies in the cultivation of products in a classic way. For example, Moscow Region Economic Economic Economic of Lenin, one of the largest strawberry (strawberries) in Russia, this summer presented a lot of weather problems.

But # Vintage is still there, and not bad, but you still need to have time to collect. So if anyone wants natural strawberries, then welcome to the fees.

But returning to our news, it can be assumed that whether the economy is similar to them. Lenin is equipped with microtracking panels, then the vintage of strawberries would not depend on the weather, and from the time of year.

Both in transport and energy and agriculture, new # Sustainable technologies will also gradually find their place. Now large producers of agricultural machinery are beginning to produce electrical and unmanned tractors and combines. There is no doubt that the solar and hydrogen energy also will also be integrated into this production sector in this year. This is not just necessary as a fashionable direction, in agriculture this will help effectively grow products, securing it from climatic oscillations.

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