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Electric vehicles are the fastest and efficient way to make the transport sphere clean and secure for the entire planet ecosystem. Only on the basis of the current year, the sale of electric vehicles will be reached in

But here there is one point, because of which opponents of the electromobilization of theatrically wrapped and climb hands. This moment is an electric vehicle batteries. «

The company founded two former procurement managers #tesla, and their one of the main tasks was the creation of carbon-neutral and, if possible, closed production. The company now has two plants in Sweden, with varying degrees of preparedness for production, and joint with #volkswagen plant in Germany. And more #NorthVolt Jeden plant in Gdansk. By the way, Volkswagen owns 21% of Northvolt shares. And this is important because in January of this year, Volkswagen launched a plant for the processing of electric vehicles in Salzgitter, with the efficiency of raw materials from batteries of more than 90%. We told about it in the material «

A similar enterprise, according to the technological process, in its structure in Sweden creates Northvolt.

That is, here we see that in parallel with the creation of the production of batteries, technologies and enterprises for their processing are created for the subsequent reuse of extracted raw materials.

Yesterday Northvolt announced that it produced its first rechargeable element of 100% recycled nickel, manganese and cobalt

The basis of the processing process is low-energy hydrometallurgical processing. In this process, the individual components of the former battery are retrieved from the structural in the old battery powder through several cycles of aqueous solution. The company intends to increase the volume of recyclable batteries to a level that would allow

As mentioned above, Northvolt has several objects in different degrees of readiness in Sweden. Among these objects are «

It should be understood that the processing of batteries is a new high-order business. Every year he will only gain momentum, while at the same time reducing the costs of companies for procurement of primary raw materials, and naturally saving ecology, processing, rather than «recycling.»

On the Glasgow Conference of the NMN climate change, 33 countries and six automakers, among them GM, Ford, Mercedes, Volvo, Jaguar / Land Rover and the Chinese Concern BYD, announced a complete refusal of cars with internal combustion engines by 2040 . So many should be understood, and accept that by the middle of the century ICE as a class will be left in the past. At least for personal and commercial use.

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