Battery coolant allows lithium batteries to last longer and more efficiently


Almost all manufacturers are concerned about maintaining the battery cells of their electric vehicles for as long as possible. The lithium battery cell itself is rather capricious. He does not like overheating, frost, and due to severe mechanical damage, he can generally explode, although, to a greater extent, this is due to the electrolyte. Therefore, now many battery manufacturers are trying to develop a new technology for a solid-state battery, which will not have an electrolyte in the classical sense.

Curtiss Motorcycles, which brought to the market its

Coolant circulates under pressure from the back to the front of the #curtiss one battery. The refrigerant absorbs heat by transferring it to the outside through the finned outer casing of the battery.

In hot weather, the # dielectric coolant removes excess heat, and in cold weather, on the contrary, retains it, creating the necessary temperature balance. A similar system is used by the #faraday future in the battery assembly of its # ff91 crossover.

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