Battery independence in French.


One of the cornerstones of the coming era of all-electric transport are energy cells, in which electricity is accumulated, and then it is given to electric car motors and other types of transport. We are, of course, talking about lithium batteries.

It is quite obvious and understandable that every major car manufacturer wants to have its own, and independent from third parties, source of battery production. #Tesla has its own battery factories, partnerships with Panasonic, and Maxwell Technologies, which was bought a couple of years ago. With the Chinese, everything is clear, there are all their own. #volkswagen has entered the business and has already invested almost € 1.5 billion in the Swedish lithium battery manufacturer #northvolt AB. #General motors creates its battery production. And naturally, a manufacturer like Renault could not stay away from this trend, and also went through the creation of its own battery cluster.

A little earlier than the presentation of Renault EWays, and then on it, Renault’s management focused the attention of the audience, including the fact that the company had formed partnerships with Envision AESC and Verkor to create its own battery production in France.

Previously, almost no one heard anything about this company. And this is not surprising, since the battery # startup from Grenoble was founded just two years ago. EIT InnoEnergy, Groupe IDEC, #schneider electric (manufacturer of charging stations) and Capgemini Verkor took part in the creation of the company. I suppose that then at the very beginning, the initiators of the creation of Verkor thought mainly about the production of battery products for energy storage devices. But batteries for electric vehicles are not far from cells for energy storage. It should also be borne in mind that # France is a country in which all types of electric transport are actively developing today, both on land and on water, and in the air.

And at the end of June it was announced that Renault Group was signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the French startup Verkor on the joint development and then on the production of high-performance batteries. «Mutual understanding» and partnership is in the form of Renault entering the battery business, and the purchase of more than 20% of Verkor shares. That is, Renault is acquiring its own battery production.

The first phase of the partnership will fund a research and development center (Verkor Innovation Center) and a pilot line for prototyping and production of battery cells and modules in France as early as 2022. In the second phase, Verkor will begin construction of its own high performance battery manufacturing plant in France with an initial capacity of 10 GWh for the #renault Group. It is expected that by 2030 the production capacity of the new battery plant will reach 50 GWh of production.

So, we can state the fact that the largest and oldest European #automobile manufacturers confirm # the vector for electromobilization by creating their own battery production. And this is very important for Renault, as one of the leaders in the global auto industry. And of course the French have their own pride, it is important for them that French electric vehicles have French batteries that are different from the American-Japanese ones.

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