Bosch has unveiled its electric powertrain.


At the beginning of the year Chairman of the Bosch Supervisory Board

Bosch has unveiled the # cvt4ev CVT transmission designed specifically for electric vehicles. It can be used on both light electric cars and light commercial vehicles, and even sports cars. According to the company, their version of the electric vehicle transmission increases the #electric efficiency of the electric car by 4%, which makes it possible to walk more reliably and economically on the highway, including with a trailer, or when transporting heavy loads, especially on inclines. You will say that 4% is not too much, but if this is extrapolated to a long haul, and even more so to the annual volume of energy consumed by an electric car, it can give tangible savings.

Currently, the #porsche Taycan and #audi e-tron GT are already using a two-speed transmission on the rear axle to achieve a better balance between acceleration and speed. Bosch, as one of the leading suppliers of automotive components, has decided to improve this unit by offering a continuously variable transmission with a pressure belt. CVT4EV was created by the Dutch subsidiary of the company, Bosch Transmission Technology BV. The unit was tested on the #volkswagen golf electric car.

Bosch developers opted for a CVT instead of a multi-stage # automatic transmission, which avoids any jerky when shifting. It should also improve the responsiveness of the car to the accelerator pedal, which should provide a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.

Which manufacturer will take this node from Bosch to complete their electric vehicles is still unknown. But the company understands the importance of working in this direction, since electromobilization is an accomplished fact, and following retrograde statements can play a bad joke with the company.

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