China will change the scheme of subsidizing the production and purchase of electric vehicles


According to the latest statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), this year the market for new electric vehicles in the country has not only recovered, but also increased sharply.

In August alone, approximately 321,000 new electric vehicles were sold in China.

The above numbers have allowed the Chinese leadership to tell the Chinese leadership that they are ahead of schedule to meet their goal of achieving green cars market share in

Based on this, the Chinese leadership began to consider adjusting the policy of subsidizing the production and sale of electric vehicles, changing the emphasis on stimulating this process, taking into account the consequences of carbon emissions.

This means that # the subsidies will be targeted, and will be received by those producers who, in their production and market policies, will additionally solve the problems of the «carbon footprint».

Last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced plans to raise the Paris climate agreement’s target, stating that China will peak carbon emissions by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2060. That being said, the China Society of Automotive Engineers (China-SAE) predicts that carbon dioxide emissions from China’s auto industry will peak around 2028 and drop to 20% from that level by 2035, a forecast shared by companies and government officials.

It will allow giving additional # preferences to those automakers who will transform their production by increasing the production and consumption of renewable energy. Also, clean energy should be used in branded charging networks. And one more point that will be taken into account is the participation of car manufacturers in planting forests in China.

That is, we see that the Chinese government is purposefully, dynamically and consistently solving the issues that arise in the course of electromobilization and the energy transition in general. # Celestial Empire has practically established the world’s best production of electric vehicles, overtaking Europe and # the USA in this. Now she is tackling the issue of the carbon footprint in the production and operation of electric vehicles. And those manufacturers who will take an active part in solving this problem will receive # financial benefits.

Here one well-known Russian businessman, Deripaska, as noted by RIA Novosti, said that one should not rush to buy electric cars, which will have to:

To be honest, it is not clear which country he was talking about. In any case, this is definitely not about Russia, where coal generation is about 15%, and it is being systematically replaced by gas. If it was about China, then from the information that you could read above, it is clear that China knows this problem and has begun to solve it. And if the Chinese have undertaken it, then they will do it.

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