Chinese carmaker Li Auto takes over Hyundai’s former Beijing plant


While the «trumpeters» are trumpeting about the «energy» crisis in China, which is actually situational in individual provinces, the participants in the electromobility industry are reporting an increase in sales and new capital investments.

Chinese company #li auto has published its September sales report. Yes, the company is young, and is only at the stage of conquering the market and credibility with customers. And most importantly, the company does not yet have such large-scale production facilities as, for example, #tesla has in Shanghai. But the resources available are sufficient to show convincing results. In September, Li Auto sold

These figures and a stable cash flow allowed the company’s management to begin the transition to the next stage of its development.

This phase began with the purchase of a factory complex in Beijing from #hyundai, which previously produced the Sonata, Tucson and Elantra models.

On Saturday,

For a young company, these are not bad numbers at all. Now Li Auto has its # plant in Changzhou (Jiangsu province), with very modest production indicators —

In parallel with this, its own dealer network and service station are developing. As of September 30, 2021, the company has 153 retail stores in 85 cities, as well as 223 service stores in 165 cities.

Most importantly, according to the documents Li Auto submitted at the start of the listing in Hong Kong, the company is going to launch two new models per year on the # market from next year, and from 2023 these models will be fully electric, that is, without the so-called «range extender. «.

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