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Environmental problems, and in particular the problem of air pollution in megalopolises, from the category of topics that only ecologists woke up to, has become political. Russian President Putin speaks about it, former US President Trump got burned on this topic by refusing to sign the Paris Climate Agreements. This problem is so multifaceted that it cannot be solved by reforming any one area. And not all countries have the same financial capacity to, for example, like China, Europe or the United States, develop the electric vehicle sector or renewable energy. Each country has its own specifics.

India is one of the countries where environmental problems, as well as the tasks of electric mobilization and decarbonization of the energy sector, are set at the level of national security. Politicians and ministers say bluntly that this is a matter of the survival of the nation as such. And this is absolutely true. The Swiss air quality technology company IQAir, which measures air quality levels in selected cities based on PM2.5 concentrations, recognized for the third consecutive year in 2020

Chief Minister of New Delhi, according to our Mayor of the city, Arvind Kejrival in 2019

As I said above, not all countries are moving at the same speed along the path of decarbonization of transport and energy. India here lags far behind China, even though in absolute numbers the fleet of electrified vehicles is estimated at several million. But these are mainly electric tricycles, scooters, and other small vehicles. Local auto giants #tata and #mahindra & Mahindra produce electric cars, but even one #tesla plant will overtake them in terms of production. So, in parallel with the already familiar options for decarbonization in India, they decided to resort to another option.

These days in the capital of India, in # New Delhi, the «Tower of Smog» was put into operation. More precisely, it is a smog catcher tower. Experimental air purification tower, cost

The height of the structure is

Earlier in # Delhi, several mini towers have already been installed, working on the same principle.

Strange as it may seem, but this technology has, to say the least, skeptics. They doubt the effectiveness of this system, and say that it is necessary to deal not with filtration, but with real decarbonization. I would say here that «you can’t spoil a meal with butter.» You can and should do both. If the decarbonization of transport and energy is still stalling, then it will definitely not be worse from such a tower.

Dear Friends, what do you think? Could such a tower be useful, for example, in Krasnoyarsk, or in Chelyabinsk?

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