Conversion of Russian SUVs into an electric vehicle.


Today we will talk about the rapidly developing direction in automotive design — the creation of electric vehicles using the existing bodies of gasoline cars. The topic is very relevant for one simple reason, there are millions of cars with outdated engines around us. From a financial point of view, converting a regular car into an electric car is very advisable, especially when you compare the cost to a new electric car.

The second fact is that during the conversion, exactly the body is used that the owner needs in the very conditions where he lives.

We will discuss people’s re-equipment, in the sense of those works that are as practical as possible and are close to exploitation in the field of agriculture.

This year, the glorious news came about the people’s SUV UAZ. Thanks to the work of the Czech-British company MW Motors, which

Well, I think everyone understands that our peasants will not be able to buy a new electric UAZ today for a long time until real subsidies and installments for the rest of the amount appear. But the peasants like the electric UAZ, they like it very much, since there is no need to buy and fill up the fuel, there is just fire going, and in all modes and on any surface, especially in the field, in the rain and with a trailer loaded to the brim with potatoes, the thrust is like a steam locomotive ! The cost of paying for electricity for the whole day of work is just a penny compared to fuel, only 300 rubles.


Yes, for this amount you can buy a good used ordinary UAZ, but it is able to eat only one fuel in one working day up to 30 liters, which is about 1,500 rubles, plus permanent repairs and oil changes. It turns out that the electric UAZ in the first year will save about 400 thousand rubles only on fuel and maintenance! And this fact completely changes the attitude of agricultural workers to electric traction.

Another fact that caused them a storm of delight is that on an electric UAZ, with a trailer, of course, you can call into greenhouses and work calmly, which is categorically impossible on gasoline technology, since the plants immediately die, smelling the evil harmful exhaust of outdated internal combustion engines …

And the third joyful touch, which I like! There is a 220 V socket on board the # UAZ, and not one, but the # electric car itself, in principle, a battery, from which you can power the forester’s house for a week.

I present to you the news in the ranking of how to do it as cheaply and efficiently as possible, as we love in Russia — Lada Niva Legend.

The German company Schmid GmbH has modified the Russian SUV with its new Elantrie kit. As a result, the Russian # Niva Legend model turned into a modern European electric car. It’s no secret that our «Niva» is loved in Europe, since Soviet times. And it was quite natural that in a new round of technology, the Europeans wanted to have the same Niva, only with an electric drive.

Nila Legend of La

The company promises to the buyers of Lada Niva Elentrie about 2,000 euros a year in fuel savings.

Lada with an internal combustion engine consumed about 15 liters of gasoline per 100 km. With an average mileage of 40 km per day, this is approximately 14,600 km per year. The consumption is therefore 2,190 liters of petrol x 1.45 euros = 3,175.50 euros. Even if we do not take electricity from our own photovoltaic system, but take into account the current prices of 0.30 euros / kW, then Niva Elentrie consumes about 1174.50 euros.

The economy is impressive, right?

The cost of a separate Elantrie kit was not disclosed, but the entire #lada niva Elentrie is offered for 19,990 euros (1,728,860 rubles).

Conclusion: next year, the market will offer Kit kits with a choice of batteries — new and not new. The price with the weakest battery (30 kW * h) will start at 999 thousand rubles.

The most interesting thing is that the electric motor in the Niva was installed from the end of the native engine. On the one hand, this is complete idiocy. But precisely in this case, when it is necessary to do it quickly on time, and it is this car, and even cheap, it fits perfectly!

I explain how they did it. German mechanics simply took and disassembled the Niva’s native engine, leaving only the cylinder block and the crankshaft inside. Fixing it to the gearbox was left as is. Under the hood, the Niva had a crankshaft in an empty block without pistons and connecting rods, but with a flywheel and a native clutch. Naturally, they left him with his own crankshaft lubrication system. Although, ideally, it would be generally necessary to shorten the engine by two cylinders and put this shortened crankshaft on bearings, but these are unnecessary movements and balancing later, and everything is smooth and standard, the old crankshaft is balanced from the manufacturer’s factory and the flywheel is an excellent inertial energy storage for the electric motor. It is important!

The result is an electric Nivka with all the familiar all-wheel drive and downshift included.

Which was very impressive! When you are driving this electric vehicle and you have a full grip, this is complete nonsense and contradiction in the design of electric vehicles, but not in the case of our favorite retool.

Why a clutch if a gearbox is not needed in an electric car? But it is in this case that you need it!

The feeling of the trip. You are # driving an electric Niva. Everything is like everyone else in the cabin. Turning the key to ignition mode, a new instrument panel lights up, which is replaced by a tablet in its original place and you understand that this is an electric car, since the power reserve is shown by a traditionally green battery in percent, and the residual mileage is displayed. Turning the key to starter mode and pilik-pilik, the car, instead of jerking and rumbling the starter and then the engine, simply tells you and writes, «I’m ready to go.»

Including the first gear, we press on the gas and get under way. And here is the difference that will please you very much. It seems that under the hood there is at least a three-liter turbocharged engine from a Japanese car and a super good noise isolation of Nyvky is made, since you can’t hear how it works, and if you squeeze the clutch and «play», then somewhere very, very distant there is some twisting of the motor, but it runs without exhaust and is quiet.

The digital tachometer at this moment shows just a dream of the racers of the times of gasoline, the revs easily turn over 10 thousand and the stock is the same. The vibration caused by the twisting of an electric motor is microscopic.

Well, it is clear that now the clutch is a weak point in this car, slightly twisted the speed, held the clutch pedal and the smoke would go. Taking this into account, we get under way, looking at the tachometer. Wow! Pick up from the spot is just a hurricane. We turn on the four-wheel drive, get under way and remove the foot from the clutch pedal. Traction like a tractor, picks up momentum instantly. In principle, Niva does not care if you turned on the first gear, third or fifth, rides and starts off perfectly.

If you do not understand that you have a very revving engine, you can burn the clutch once or twice. Further, you need to learn to ride in the mud, much calmer and understanding that you can bury yourself. It is with the wheels in the mud up to your ears that you begin to understand that the clutch flywheel and crankshaft, left from the old structure, play the role of an inertial energy storage. This is the rational kernel of the «inadequate» design.

In practice, you understand and feel that the inertia of the flywheel, complete with the operation of a very revolving electric motor, gives you “locomotive” traction at the “bottom” of the engine operation, and this is very impressive! A side effect, with no skill or understanding of the power of the new motor, is damage to the chassis, hand-outs, gearboxes, bridges, cardan shafts and drives, and so on, everything is more than normal.

In winter it is very dangerous, you need to understand that # the car breaks down into a slip much easier. Speed braking, yes it is, but strange, I would say transmission braking, more light, but it takes place when different recuperation modes are turned on, many times more effective than what was before.

an electric motor complete with a clutch box, a transfer case and an all-wheel drive, this is a supreme pleasure in driving, especially on rough terrain, fully loaded with an equally loaded trailer and a cheerful group of friends traveling through the reserve on a planned fishing trip to the forester’s house, where there is no electricity , but upon arrival it will be enough for a week!

Dear readers, I am pleased to run the re-equipment section. There are several studios in Moscow where different cars are made to order.

Respectfully yours, General Director of the company Electric cars of the world

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repair, this is the first question before buying a car from peasants, and from any villager, even if you buy a new car. So in the case of an electric UAZ, it causes a kind smile, since everything is in order here. In addition to the electric motor and the battery, which is incomparably more reliable than the prehistoric internal combustion engine, all other spare parts are available in any auto parts store, even if it is a hinterland and wild wilderness.