Creating the best battery is tantamount to art or magic.


As all the world’s automakers are rebuilding themselves on electromobility rails, and there will be no other, no gas engines, no matter who is broadcasting to you from the high stands, it becomes clear with certainty that the key point in the development of the industry is batteries.

Yes, we are talking about batteries again, and this is one of the main fronts of the electric car «race»

Sorry, you can’t get away from this, but it was after #tesla Battery Day 2020, where # Elon Musk presented the new Tesla 4680 battery, that the battery race unfolded with renewed vigor.

And you know, a comparison came to my mind, no matter how strange it may seem, but with the creation of the greatest masters # antonio stradivari and # andrea guarneri of their best violins in the world. After all, in order to create a good violin, it was necessary to choose the right wood, process it with jewelry precision, and prepare it. Also with violin varnish, the components for which were selected through a lot of trial and error.

It is the same with batteries today. Several of the biggest players in the field are hard at work to create the best battery ever. Making the most efficient lithium-ion # battery cannot be made simply by increasing its size. The opposite is true, and Musk showed this on

Here is almost the same thing.

Chinese company

Now Gotion High-Tech produces

Recently, Gotion High-Tech announced that it has developed and created a technology for mass production of ultra-high energy density cells.

It is believed that for modern lithium batteries, the upper limit of the energy density is

Gotion High-Tech said it has achieved the stability of the high nickel cathode material and improved the cyclic performance of the cathode material through a number of proprietary unique technologies. Most importantly, remembering that old lithium batteries, if mechanically damaged, could catch fire,

But Gotion High-Tech is not going to stop there either. The company says it has begun developing the next generation of cells with energy densities in excess of 360 Wh / kg.

The strategic goal of Gotion High-Tech is to reach production volumes in

In China, the company is building a 20 GWh plant.

As we can see, all major car manufacturers are forming their own «battery alliances» in order to ensure their automotive industry with a stable supply of batteries. In parallel, the process of creating new elements is underway, since those that were 5-10 years ago no longer meet the increased requirements for safety and energy efficiency.

Progress cannot be stopped by political slogans, especially if they do not correspond to reality.

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