Docking of the Starship SN20 prototype spacecraft and the Super Heavy BN4 booster at the Starbase cosmodrome


These days we are witnessing events, the result of which in the coming years will be tectonic changes not only in the space industry, but even in politics. I’m talking about a test flight of SpaceX’s Starship — Super Heavy system. If anyone thinks that this is just hyperbole, then they are wrong. Just look at what the electromotive revolution has done, again driven by Elon Musk’s Tesla. And this is now a question not only of the automotive industry. This issue has become the driving force of political processes. The same will happen after the first successful flights of Starship — Super Heavy.

This system will change the entire economy of the global space industry. Old missiles, whose ancestry goes back to the first missiles of the 60s, will turn out to be absolutely uncompetitive in front of the reusable giant ships Starship and the #super heavy launch vehicle. It will also be a matter of state security. So everyone who can create something similar will have to do it at an accelerated rate. This, of course, will be done by #russia. We will have to revive on a new technological stage of the PH # energy, and create a ship of the # Buran class. China, India, the EU, and maybe someone else will be engaged in similar projects. And just don’t say phrases like «

Meanwhile, SpaceX, at almost a racing pace, installed a Super Heavy BN4 booster on the launch pad, assembled #starship sn20, covering it completely on one side with thermal protection tiles, and installing 6 Raptor engines — 3 for work in space, 3 for work in the atmosphere with landing. According to the previously published plan for the first test orbital flight, it is planned that both components of this system will splash down in the ocean. The mission of this flight is to collect data on the operation of all Starship — Super Heavy systems, especially at the stage of entry into the atmosphere.

And currently, the process of docking is underway at the launch complex of the Starship spacecraft and the Super Heavy launch vehicle. You can watch it in the video below. Remember these points. They will be inscribed in the history of the development of astronautics.

Earlier, Elon Musk, giving an interview the other day during the inspection of works on #starbase, once again said that he was inspired in his work by Russian, Soviet rocket designers.

I think Ilona is inspired not only by engineering issues, but also by the desire of Soviet designers to go higher and further. Somewhere behind his right shoulder, the energy of the mind of Korolev, Glushko, Lozino-Lozinsky soars …

And what is behind D. Rogozin?

Elon Musk in his Twitter reports that due to the strong wind in the area of the cosmodrome, you will have to dock later …

Stay with us. We will update the docking broadcast as needed.

Docking of Starship SN20 and Super Heavy BN4 booster completed successfully. Ahead is the continuation of work — undocking, finishing the ship, docking again, and then a series of static tests, and flight …

After docking, Starship SN20 was removed from the Super Heavy BN4 and taken to the hangar. There, according to Musk, he will be brought to the form necessary for the flight. In particular, all thermal protection tiles will be installed …

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