Don’t panic.


The opening of the first trading session this week on the Nasdaq, in principle, confirmed my vision of what is happening, especially

Let me remind you that the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, left the decision to sell part of the shares to his subscribers. In the voting he started on Twitter, took part

And immediately, as soon as the voting was started, there was a moaning in style «

But I have long taken a different approach to Musk’s tweets, and to the real, not virtual, position of Tesla in the stock market. Here it is worth remembering the words that everyone could see in the Tesla Roadster launched into space — «

And in fact, because in reality nothing supernatural happened. It’s just that # Elon Musk made a good show from a banal financial issue. Plus, he drew public attention to the problem of paying taxes by billionaires. Although, in his case, this is a controversial issue, looking at the really modest life, and practically life in factories, and not on luxury yachts or palaces, which some officials with state salaries do not shy away from.

So, at the time of this writing, Tesla shares, compared to Friday’s closing level, have lost only around 3%, dropping from $ 1222 per share to ~ $ 1183-1188. That is, in the language of financiers, this could be called a small correction. That is, the bearish movements were not so active.

You just need to look not at words, but at deeds, at fundamental indicators. And today they give just positive news regarding the future of Tesla.

In particular, it became known that Tesla, as part of its Tesla Canada division,

The new # 4680 batteries will first form the basis of the #tesla model y crossover battery pack, and then they will be applied to the #cybertruck pickup or Semi truck. So, dear readers, and long-term investors of Tesla, always look at the fundamentals, and not the posts on social networks, even if this is a post from Elon Musk. Well, he likes to play on his nerves, especially if it’s the nerves of the SEC officials, who even once demanded that he reconcile his tweets with them.

Everything is fine, even great. #tesla is on the rise in all respects.

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