Electric highway Moscow-Sochi.


The other day in the Rostov region, in the city of Shakhty, one kilometer from the M-4 «Don» highway, the company

As noted in the company’s press release, this is a unique refueling complex, since it contains all possible types of fuel for any type of wheeled transport. And what is most important for our community is of course the emergence of a fast charging station. The definition of «unique filling complex» is not really big words, but a statement of fact.

Several years ago, even during the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian Government adopted a resolution stating that # charging stations for electric vehicles should be installed at all new filling stations, as well as in roadside infrastructure (motels). But, as usual with us, the execution of good documents leaves much to be desired.

Today the company «

The charging station, located at a multi-fuel filling station in the area of 1001 km of the # m-4 don highway, offers motorists not only the opportunity to refuel their iron horse, but a wide range of services for a comfortable rest on the way — a recreation area, a cafe, free # wi-fi, a toilet … So while # the electric car will be charging, and three electric cars can be charged at the same time, the car owner and his companions can have a good rest, which is very important on a long journey.

For a short comment, I turned to the General Director of Green Drive, Sergey Yakovlev.

Stanislav Makukhin

Sergey Yakovlev

There is a lot of work ahead — new cities, new stations. As charging stations grow in size, they will become more visible to most motorists, this will gradually remove the question of infrastructure, and the fear of stopping somewhere without a charge. This means that more and more people will buy electric cars, discarding fiction and prejudice.

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