Electric vehicle market statistics or runaway growth


Dear friends, October has recently ended and, judging by the published statistics on car sales, we can confidently speak of the ever-increasing popularity of electric vehicles against the background of a general decline in car sales in many countries.

How is it to be understood that the crisis in the supply of semiconductor chips strongly affected the production of traditional cars with internal combustion engines and practically did not affect the high growth rates of the market for electric vehicles, in which there is much more electronics?

It seems, friends and colleagues, that you and I are witnessing a technological revolution that you can not believe in, you can ignore it, the dry statistics of different countries speak about this. So, facts and only facts.

According to the community of engine manufacturers and sellers, the total number of newly registered vehicles in October 2021 was 106,265 units, a decrease of 24.6% compared to October 2020 and it was the worst October since 1991.

Petrol # cars — 48 384 units. — a drop of 30.6% (compared to October 2020)

Diesel vehicles — 7,028 units. — a drop of 66.4%

Hybrids (not connected to the grid) 17 667 units — drop by 20.2%

electric vehicles and # plug-in hybrids — 33 186 units. —

The share of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in the sales of all vehicles in October 2021 amounted to 31.2% (since the beginning of the year — 16.6%).

According to Insideevs.com, the number of newly registered cars in October 2021 decreased by 10.6% compared to October 2020. According to official data, 10,342 units. new EVs and plug-in hybrids were registered during the month, accounting for 89.3% of the car market (a record 91.5% of EVs and plug-in hybrids of car market share were recorded in September 2021). Fully electric cars in the amount of 8,116 units. accounted for 70% of the market for all cars (which is 3% higher than in October 2020), and the number of plug-in hybrids fell by 6% to 2,226 units.

All brands of the Volkswagen group are among the leaders in electric vehicle sales: #volkswagen ID.4 — 909 units, #skoda Enyaq — 822 units, #audi Q4 e-Tron — 646 units.

Sales of new electric vehicles in Germany hit a record high, according to the Center for Automotive Management (CAM)

Between January and October 2021, more than 0.52 million new electric vehicles were registered, double the number in the previous year.

In October, 934 electric vehicles (BEV) were added to the Ukrainian vehicle fleet, which is 42% more than a year earlier, Ukravtoprom reports. Against the backdrop of a general increase in demand for electric vehicles, there is an increase in consumer interest in new cars. If last year the share of new cars in the registrations of electric cars was 11%, then in October this year — already 17% — these are new cars.

The most popular passenger electric car in the country remains the #nissan Leaf. During the month, 173 cars of this model received Ukrainian registration. The second result was demonstrated by Tesla Model 3, in its offset 119 registrations. Renault Zoe is in third place — 45 cars.

Overall electric vehicle sales statistics for October 2021 have not yet been released, however Volvo reports 8,701 conventional vehicles sold, down 18.6% from a year earlier. According to the company, the reason for this is a lack of components. Sales from the beginning of the year to the present have grown by 23.5% and amounted to 19,771 units. On the other hand, plug-in hybrid brand #volvo Recharge posted 333.9% sales growth over last year. In October, Recharge accounted for about 24.1% of total sales, a new record. In California, this share also rose to a new record of 65.3%. It seems that sooner or later Volvo will completely abandon ICE models.

Ford reported sales of 167,572 vehicles in the US in October (down 3.3% year-on-year) and 1,499,114 YTD (down 6.4%). The rate of decline is now much lower than before, but restrictions on the supply of semiconductors remain.

Another big news from Ford is that sales of electrified vehicles — xEV (BEV, PHEV, HEV) are up 195% year on year to a new all-time high of 14,062 units per month. The company is pleased to note that there have been over 160,000 prepaid orders for the Ford F-150 Lightning, and the Ford E-Transit electric light commercial van has also sold out. Sales of the popular Ford Mustang Mach-E electric vehicle in October totaled 2,848 (1.7% of Ford’s total sales), currently the third best in a month. Since the beginning of the year, Ford has sold 21,703 of these electric vehicles.

XPeng electric vehicle sales jumped 233% in October 2021 compared to October 2020, surpassing 10,000 vehicles.

BYD’s electric vehicle sales rose 176% to 41,232 units year on year, and up 13% from September 2021. In October, plug-in hybrid sales increased from 7,126 units in 2020 to 38,771 units in 2021. BYD also sold over 1,000 electric buses in October.

The best-selling electric vehicle in China, the Hongguang Mini EV and the SAIC-GM-Wuling minicar, sold 47,834. in October. Those were the highest sales levels for the model since its launch last July, up 101 percent from a year ago and 36 percent more than in September 2021.

Relentless statistics show that electric vehicles are becoming mainstream around the world. And the growth of their sales does not depend on local forms and levels of incentives. This suggests that there are changes in the minds of consumers, a change in their values. Buying an electric car is not just buying a new car, it is a different approach to life, to the environment, to the attitude towards society around you. And of course, this is also financial «buns» from the states when buying an electric car, and during further operation, in the form of reducing the cost of ownership.

In this case, it is a synergy of economic efficiency, environmental responsibility, innovative thinking, and socially acceptable behavior.

The speed of electromobilization will only grow from year to year. And since this process includes # Europe, China and the United States, which are the largest auto markets, others simply have no choice but to join this process.

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