Electric vehicles will be produced in Belarus this year


The policy of the Belarusian leadership in the field of development of the electromobility industry is complex and consistent. The government announced that it is taking a number of new measures to stimulate the development of the electric vehicle market in the republic.

But the development of the electromobile industry in Belarus will not develop by selling a single one. An important point is the launch of a real production of electric vehicles in the country. And by the way, it will be good for Russian motorists who want to buy a modern electric car, because products manufactured in the territory of the EAEU are not subject to customs duties.

Another important news from today’s joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the Council of the Republic, in addition to the promulgation of new incentive measures, was information from Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Yuri Nazarov that

Yes, these are not tens or hundreds of thousands, like #tesla, #vw or any other companies that now produce electric vehicles. But this is already the beginning. I suppose that if incentive measures are well received and applied, as the Government of the Republic says about it, then in less than a year we, with a high degree of probability, will find out that Geely will decide on a large-scale production of electric vehicles in Belarus.

Although there is no information on the site of the #belgee company itself about the start of the assembly of electric vehicles, the announcement of the opening of vacancies for pickers, welders, locksmiths, molars and drivers can be considered an indirect confirmation of this. By the way, the average salary is announced as

What is GEELY Geometria C? Geometria C is a # crossover manufactured by the #geometry sub-brand. Depending on equipment, driving style and overboard temperatures, the crossover range is

In China, this # EV is currently available in five basic trim levels.

If we look at the range of cars currently being produced in # belgi, then these are 5 models of #geely SUVs. So Geometria C will logically complement the existing range, and eventually, hopefully, will replace it.

So, today we can say with all confidence that the first full-fledged production of electric vehicles will start in the near future on the territory of the Union State. This production should show the interest of our motorists in electric vehicles. And he is in fact now simply crushed by prices. But Belarusian production will open new doors and new opportunities.

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