Electrification of Honda.


As much as the Japanese companies, with the exception of Nissan, did not try to delay the moment of electrification, but life makes them start this process. Otherwise, they simply risk losing clientele and markets.

In mid-October, Honda executives held a virtual press conference and presentation on the company’s electrification strategy for the Chinese market. The presentation also featured two new electric vehicle models, which will go into production soon, and three electric concept cars.

It is worth recalling that Honda is leaving Russia. And she does this because she is concentrating her efforts on electrifying the model range, and defending her position in the Chinese market. Undoubtedly, the Chinese market is more interesting and promising for the Japanese automaker than the Russian one.

honda will burst into the Chinese electric vehicle market pretty quickly. They said that the first two models of the company’s electric vehicles, which will be produced at the Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda factories, will go on sale in the spring of 2022. The share of clean electric vehicles will grow gradually —

electric vehicles of the new model line received not classic names, but alphanumeric designations —

In addition to the strange name of the future Chinese electric vehicles #Hondas, they also received an unusual #design. The Japanese themselves consider him beautiful, but this is a rather controversial issue. There is nothing unusual about e: NS1 and e: NP1 electric vehicles. Outwardly, these are almost standard # crossovers that do not stand out from the range of modern gasoline «brothers».

But here are the # concepts of the following models, which received the designations

Outwardly, they, of course, look technologically advanced, and maybe even futuristic. But to say that this is beautiful language does not turn. Although, it may happen that, in principle, it often happens that a car comes to production that is not quite the same as it was presented at the concept stage. In the meantime, they seem to be «poor relatives» of #tesla cybertruck. But, what is allowed, almost armored, the Cybertruck pickup is hardly suitable for a regular car.

Really, such an overly angular design is annoying. It does not create the atmosphere of harmony that is needed for an everyday car.

Electric cars of the future e: N series will be offered with three drive options — front, all-wheel and rear. The battery pack will be created in collaboration and on the elements of the #catl company.

Naturally, Honda’s electric cars will have a set of necessary sensors and radars, which will allow, if necessary, to use the autopilot system.

All technical readings will be displayed on the 10.25-inch lcd display of the «instrument» panel. #Multimedia and other functionality will be controlled via a large tablet. This is also not new, and we have already seen this many times.

Honda is fully involved in the electrification process. Step by step, market after market, they will promote their new electric cars, which will be more and more every year. Hybrids will remain in the lineup for a while. But, as I called the hybrids, this is just a «graft» before full-scale electrification, so that motorists get used to the fact that they have an electric motor and a traction battery.

As for the Russian market, here lovers of this Japanese brand will be able to bring Honda for themselves either from China, which is far and not very convenient, or from Europe.

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