Elon Musk: “Sell, or not sell?


Elon Musk once again puts on the ears of the US stock market, and most likely causes a nervous tick among government officials and politicians. This time, some congressmen have proposed taxing the assets of billionaires, which also counts as stocks.

Moreover, in Musk’s case, he really does not receive a salary, and his condition is only the company’s shares, and their number depends on the success of the company itself. Representatives of the Congress motivate their proposals by the fact that it is necessary to find additional opportunities to finance Joe Biden’s climate projects

And so, Musk started a # vote on his Twitter, asking whether he should sell 10% of his #tesla stake in order to be able to pay «climate» # taxes.

That’s what

According to financial analysts, Musk has approximately

A large number of his Tesla stock options expire next year. And therefore, in any case, he would have to sell some part. So why not do it with fanfare? In addition, he is the owner of #spacex and #neuralink. And SpaceX, although a joint-stock company, is private, that is, essentially a CJSC.

At the time of this writing, a little over a million people have taken part in the vote. And here, by the way, this vote can be considered the largest and most representative in the history of voting on the Internet.

So far, 54.2% have supported the sale, against 45.8%.

Whatever the outcome, Elon wrote that he would hold back the votes of the people.

I don’t know how it will end, but the fact that many officials, traders and Tesla shareholders will have a nervous breakdown is for sure.

Not really worth it. One would have to get used to such a twitter policy, and understand the essence of what is happening. The fact that # Elon Musk sells 10% of his stake in Tesla will not turn the world upside down, and the company, as it was the industry leader, will remain. And with the further growth of the company, Musk’s stake in Tesla will again replenish, and everything will return to square one.

What to do, as they say, «pay your taxes and sleep well.» God is God, and Caesar is Caesar. Publicans have always been not the most respected, then this is the centuries-old reality … on Earth. Maybe on Mars, when Musk builds a city-state there, everything will be different, and there will be no tax collectors.

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