Equinor — Norway’s oil and gas giant on the road to a hydrogen future


Giant of the European oil and gas industry, a Norwegian company

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Such large # investments are being made not only in the implementation of the pan-European strategy for decarbonization. There is a strategic vision for the development of the entire energy industry in Europe, and the future hydrogen industry in particular. Equinor plans to produce both

There is one important point in the technology for the production of «blue» hydrogen — it is the need to capture the released #co2. And here Equinor already has # technologies that make it possible to practically close this issue.

As we said above, Equinor also plans to produce green hydrogen from seawater electrolysis, which will be powered by renewable electricity. Including for this, the company is actively involved in international projects for the construction of offshore wind farms. In particular, a Norwegian company is taking part in the project

Equinor also currently powers about 750,000 homes in the UK, supplying power from its three operating offshore wind farms — Sheringham Shoal (317 MW), Dudgeon (402 MW) and Hywind Scotland (30 MW).

In total, Equinor plans to have 12 to 16 GW of net generation in its assets by 2030. 2/3 of this volume will be accounted for by wind generation.

As you can see, #wind is an area of strategic development for Equinor.

Henrik Solgaard Andersen said that hydrogen will be more in demand in the industry. True, for personal light vehicles, or in private households, # hydrogen is at most not applicable, due to the peculiarities of its storage in the first place. But the company sees a market for it in other industries — steel and cement industries, freight, rail, sea and air transport.

There is still no market for hydrogen, just as there are no other types of industry and transport that have completely switched over to the use of hydrogen. The world is only at the beginning of this path. According to experts’ forecasts, it will be possible to talk about the hydrogen market on a noticeable scale only in the 30s. But this process has already begun, and the vector of Equinor’s development is proof of that.

Hydrogen is an efficient and environmentally friendly energy source. It is already considered the fuel of the future today. And over time, it will replace coal and some types of petroleum products. But for this to happen, you need to create a massive and cost-effective production of hydrogen,

Russia will undoubtedly also become a major player in the future hydrogen market. Here, the «first violin» will most likely be played by #Rosatom with their respective divisions. How quickly Gazprom and Rosneft will be able to diversify their resources in this direction, I don’t presume to guess. Now I see only Rosatom with a clear program for the development of the hydrogen sector.

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