Europe is reaching for the sun


European countries have gathered at EUSEW2021 to determine the future of solar generation in Europe.

The meeting sounded

Particularly Germany, where

In my time

Commissioning of new industrial capacities for the production of solar panels

The Norwegian REC Solar and the Swiss Mayer Burger switched to three-shift work at a new factory in Germany, but this is clearly not enough.
Wacker Chemie is one of the largest producers of polysilicon

“We must act quickly

Solarpower Europe has conducted a study according to which

Based on the results of the work, the commission decided on the need

The technologies themselves for the production of solar panels

In addition to the already customary increase in efficiency, modernization is underway in other areas. This is the main reason that

Solarge has released a solar panel where

LG Chem announced the start of solar panel production

All this speaks of a new stage in the development of solar generation. Now

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