European automotive top manager takes over head of Vietnamese automotive company VinFast


The Vietnamese corporation Vingroup, which owns the national automobile company VinFast, intends in all seriousness to invade the global electric vehicle market, in particular in Europe, the USA and Canada. Currently VinFast has launched its automobile plant, built according to Industry 4.0 standards.

But making a car is not enough. You need high-quality and skillful management of all processes in order to make a brand noticeable in the global car market. To solve this problem, the management of Vingroup invited Michael Losheller to the position of CEO of VinFast LLC. He previously served as Executive Vice President of the #volkswagen Group of America. He then moved from VW to Opel, where he became CEO, and took up the transformation of #opel into an electric car brand. He is a person with rich management experience and knowledge of the processes within the European and American car markets.

Michael Loscheller’s arrival at VinFast is very timely, as the Vietnamese # carmaker is now on the rise, expanding production and product lineup. In addition to electric SUVs, VinFast produces electric scooters, and has started producing electric buses. But of course, the priority is for electric vehicles. # The VF31 SUV will start shipping to Vietnamese buyers from November this year. And the VF32 and VF33 models will open for orders in Vietnam from September. The company also expects to open the possibility of orders for European and American buyers from November.

Michael Loscheller’s departure from Opel for VinFast also has a personal aspect. According to German media reports, after the creation of the #stellantis Group, Loscheller’s role in Opel was reduced only to the functions of a brand director, without the opportunity to participate in development, finance and sales. All this in Stellantis has now been brought to the level of the Group and the central board. But a person with such experience and skill wants more, wants development. And this opportunity was presented at VinFast.

Do you think the Vietnamese company, under the leadership of a world-class automotive manager, will be able to conquer new markets in Europe and America? And of course it is interesting when Vietnamese electric vehicles will appear on the Russian market.

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