Evergrande is in contact with Xiaomi Group.


The emerging giant of the automotive industry is now, oddly enough, but it is on the most difficult part of its path. It is at this stage

In a recent press release, the company confirms that there has been an exchange of views with the #xiaomi Group. But there were no specific talks about Xiaomi entering the Evergrande car business. Maybe this is all casting a shadow on the fence? In principle, today it is no longer surprising that telecommunications companies are gradually entering the auto business. Remember at least information from

electric cars used to be called gadgets on wheels, but in the near future it will really become absolutely so.

So, at the end of half a year, before starting serial production, Evergrande Auto showed losses. In principle, it was the same with #tesla, when they immediately invested all the money that came in to expand production, while for many years, showing losses in the balance sheet. But then there was no crisis that has been rolling across the Earth for the second year already. Therefore, we can assume that Evergrande still wants to enlist the support of Xiaomi Group to some extent, and fill the financial gap by selling part of its shares to a company that has no cash problems.

But this is all purely speculation. And what do the top officials of the company say?

He also spoke about the excellent configuration of the Shanghai Songjiang Evergrande plant — the stamping shop uses the German automatic high-speed stamping line Stermann, the Japanese FANUC robots work to achieve complete automation of production, packaging and transportation, the body welding shop works on German KUKA equipment with 100% automation, the shop using the German Durr production line, and so on.

Evergrande Automobile currently employs 8,796 professionals, including over 3,500 in research teams and 22 leading international experts.

By the way, pay attention to the volume of investments. Evergrande has a successful real estate development business and a traditional Chinese medicine business in the rear, which is why they had the necessary resources to invest. But, apparently, not everything goes smoothly, which is why information about contacts with Xiaomi Group slipped through.

I hope Evergrande has a margin of safety for this difficult period. And in a year we will observe interesting events on the battlefield for the buyer between the new Chinese auto giants, and at the same time the competition with Tesla.

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President of the Evergrande New Energy Automobile Group, Liu Yongzhuo, told a Chinese economic publication that the #hengchi automobile will fully begin pre-production by the end of this year, with mass deliveries starting in the first half of next year. By 2025, it expects to achieve an annual production and sales of over 1 million vehicles, and a volume of 5 million vehicles per year by 2035.