Evergrande’s flagship D-class Hengchi 1 sedan wins design award


The victorious march of electric vehicles of the Chinese company Evergrande begins in the Old World. Serial release sales of electric vehicles of the Hengchi brand are scheduled for the end of this year, but today, previously presented models are beginning to win the hearts and minds of critics and design specialists.

Evergrande’s flagship # D-class Hengchi 1 sedan received its first international award, the #red dot design award for stunning styling and design. Of course, design awards are a matter of taste. And as they say, there are no comrades for taste and color. In my personal opinion, the «face» of Hengchi 1 does not stand out too much in design, although by the visible «digital technology» it immediately becomes clear that this is a machine of the new century. But here is the side part and the stern, their smooth, and at the same time impetuous lines of bends, beyond all praise. The designers did a great job here. From this perspective, Hengchi 1 can be compared to #lucid air.

The German design award Red Dot is considered practically an Oscar in the design world, and has more than 60 years of history. It is the internationally recognized highest honor in industrial design. So recognition at this level is an added bonus for the company in their upcoming competition with other EV brands to win customers. As for the design of the Hengchi 1 itself, it was created by Danish car designer Anders Warming, who previously worked at #bmw and then at #borgward. By the way, the design of Hengchi 1 also has a touch of

The style and concept of automotive design by Anders Warming applied in #hengchi 1 is «people-centered», with thin and flexible roof lines and full-size glazing, an elegant two-tone body, thanks to the flagship intelligent aerospace-style cockpit and its surrounding large triple screen, the car looks very technological and gives a sense of the future.

So, Evergrande and Hengchi received their first award. But ahead is not resting on laurels, but a stubborn struggle for the market, which can be won only by offering a product of the highest quality, and for reasonable money.

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