Faraday Future — Hanford Manufacturing Equipment Installation and Information Warfare


There is a saying — «Further into the forest — more firewood.» Our regular readers know how closely we follow the development of one of the most interesting electric vehicle projects — Faraday Future. Almost five years have passed since the presentation of the FF91 electric crossover. But, as Elon Musk correctly says, making a prototype is easy, it is difficult to set up production. And just on the second, at one time, the founders of Faraday Future stumbled.

FF originally planned to build its Gigafactory in Nevada, following the example of Tesla. But it was precisely at the moment of implementation of the most decisive stage that the weakest element of the project turned out to be the founder of the company, Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting. We wrote about this in the summer of 2017 in the article «

Why is this retrospective? It’s simple and interesting. Now that Faraday Future finally, after years of struggle for survival, has entered the stage of installing the first batch of production equipment at its plant under construction in Hanford, it has come under attack by some lawyers affiliated with stock traders on short positions. Here you can just remember how before such an audience tried to flunk #tesla, how they almost flunked #nikola motor, and now they decided to do the same with Faraday Future. This time, the attack was carried out by the consulting and legal company J Capital Research.

Last week

Yes, the movement is not fast, but confident, and in a positive direction. But short players don’t need that. For them, on the contrary, the worse the better. And you can do worse by throwing into the information field not only rumors, but simply your own conjectures. And that was done.

A text was thrown into the network, which, in particular, said: “…

Moreover, the attack continues today, when through the networks these would-be consultants and lawyers are trying to fish out at least someone in order to file a lawsuit with FF. The attempts through publications in

Jia yueting

In fact, one should not be surprised at such information wars. As long as there is an open # market and free circulation of shares on them, there will always be those who want to fish in troubled waters, while muddying it themselves. Similar episodes have been previously and will be in the future. But it is important for ourselves to learn to separate informational stuffing and propaganda from reality and fundamental indicators.

Will Faraday Future survive?

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Jia Yueting is no longer a billionaire, having gone through bankruptcy in China. Well, if the Chinese court found him a fraud, then the conversation there would be tough and short. But he managed to keep part of his business, while leaving the governing bodies, so as not to frighten or irritate investors. And the fact that Geely has become a partner of FF, once again emphasizes that there are no questions from the Chinese authorities to Jia Yueting. Otherwise, they would have a big impact on the company’s performance on the Nasdaq. And for several days, #faraday future indicators on #nasdaq are in the green zone. It can be assumed that investors have separated the husk from real progress, and decided to hold the shares of the company, expecting it to continue moving towards the start of production.