Ford launches pre-production of the F-150 electric pickup Lightning Truck


Almost simultaneously with the news

That Ford is consistently moving towards electrifying its lineup is natural and good. The only question is the speed of this process. And here it becomes clear why electromobile startups are developing more dynamically and quickly introducing the most modern technologies. This is what we are in

From a PR point of view, it was rather strange to give the name «Lightning» to a heavy pickup, even an electric one. Well, as it is.

In any case, #ford is now making a big bet on this particular model. # pickups are very popular in # the usa, and the company has a «nuclear» audience for which the name Ford is as iconic as it is for many today #tesla. In parallel with the start of pre-series production, the company announced a multi-million dollar investment in the development of production sites for the assembly of electric vehicles. Specifically, Ford is investing $ 250 million in three manufacturing facilities in Southeast Michigan. This should create at least 450 more jobs, and bring the production volume of the # f-150 lightning Truck.

Over the years, #Ford has invested in an electric transformation

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