Foxconn presented the concepts of their first electric vehicles FOXTRON — Model C, Model E, and MODEL T electrobe


Almost a year after

The Chinese, whether they are even Taiwanese, love pathetic words, so Foxconn a year ago presented a strategy with special arithmetic: «3 + 3 = ∞». This means the amount of qualities that, according to the management of the company, are able to make them one of the world leaders in the field of intellectual electric car height. These qualities and signs are passionate, technology, software, experience, production discipline and quality.

As you can see, even in the name of their cars, the Taiwanese company decided to challenge the Americans. And if you look at the name of the following models, then this is the call not only Tesla, but also Ford.

As for the technical characteristics, everything is in principle quite standard for modern electrocars. Electric # SUV will have a length of 4.64 meters, and the wheel database is 2.86 meters. A good aerodynamic resistance coefficient is 0.27. But what is the most important thing is a range of 700 km, which makes this electric car quite suitable for distant long-distance runs.

What is not clear is the technology and components of the battery itself. It is not difficult to guess that the battery will be equipped with elements of the production of Chinese or Korean companies, but at what exactly it is unknown.

The off-road electrocarcar will be offered in two versions of the interior configuration — by 5 places, and with formula 5 + 2.

It was stated that the # electric vehicle will be put on production in 2023, and its base price will be at the level of 30,000 €.

The flagship of the new brand will be sedan #Model E. By the way, we recall that it was because of the contradictions with Ford Tesla I had to call my sedan 3, and not Model E. And here the Taiwan company may have problems about copyright, unless of course they have no longer agreed with Ford.

Sedan Model E really externally good, especially since it was developed together with PinInfarina designers. For this car information a little more. The MODEL E range will be 750 km. Excellent overclocking dynamics, up to 100 km / Czea 2.8 seconds, provided by electric motor with a total capacity of about 750 hp (approximately 550 kW).

Salon practically the personification of Heytec. «Dashboard» is a three-segment display. There are practically no physical buttons that have just been on a multi-meter, and in stealless switches.

Welding electric car panoramic glass roof.

Well, the third model, it is urban # Electric MODEL T.. There is again the clinch for the name with Ford.

Model T This is a 12-meter machine with a «high-rigid body» and a range of 400 km. For intracity routes, this is a completely acceptable indicator. Maximum electrical speed is 120 km / h, but I doubt that in modern megalopolis, at least there is a similar permitted speed for ground-based steam transport.

The electrobe will be launched into test operation already next 2022.

To become one of the leaders of the industry, little show a couple of prototypes, you need to organize large-scale production. Of course, the Foxconn partner on the project, Yulon Motor, has its own production base, experience and culture of car production. But this is clearly not enough.

To gain a foothold on the American car market Foxconn is going to buy for $ 230 million, the share in the company Lordstown Motors, which is currently experiencing significant difficulties in continuing the project for the production of the Endurance Pickup.

This transaction will give Foxconn access to the plant, which was redeemed in 2019 #lordstown Motors at GM. Foxconn It also needs to be implemented in USA to implement a joint with #fisker

You still need to remember almost annual epic, which has not yet understood whether the presence of managers and engineers in #Byton. And it must be remembered that the BYTON is in a state of freezing there is a newest automotive plant in Nanjing.

It is clear one, cash problems with #foxconn, and they can rather freely choose objects and forms of the partnership beneficial to them. If the names of partners are already understandable in Taiwan and the USA, then in China there is a choice — Byton or under the blows of the head company’s crisis, #evergrande New Energy AUTO.

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