Gelendvagen will never be the same.


The IAA Mobility International Motor Show is taking place in Munich these days. Finally, for the first time in a year and a half, an international automotive forum is being held offline. For obvious reasons, many exhibitions during this time period were canceled and # automakers were forced to arrange online presentations of their new products and strategies. This time everything is for real.

So, paraphrasing a well-known advertising slogan, you can describe the presentation from # mercedes-benz, and in particular the premiere of the EQG concept.

Electrification will undoubtedly affect all models and classes of Mercedes-Benz, and # g-class is no exception.

The Mercedes-Benz presentation says:

Yes, the concept is # future oriented. Even the presentation program itself is imbued with a fantastic spirit of the future. But in reality, it is not so distant.

That is, by 2030, all Mercedes-Benz models will be electrified to some extent. It is possible that # hybrids will remain in the company’s lineup, but the bulk of production and sales will belong to electric models — battery models, and possibly with the presence of hydrogen fuel cells.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the EQG concept is an almost production-ready version, not just a #showcar. Naturally, as befits a luxury brand, which Mercedes has always been and remains, the new # electric SUV will reflect its belonging to the luxury segment with all its external and internal appearance. And let’s speak frankly, #Gelendvagen is hardly perceived by anyone as an SUV. It is rather a car of a wealthy person or an escort car, also armored.

It is known from the technical details that the EQG is, of course, an all-wheel drive electric car. Each wheel has its own electric motor. The transmission has a 2-speed gearbox, which, as it were, should emphasize the off-road character of the car. The traction battery is built into the frame volume.

Of course, the Daimler Group, like all other automakers, will eventually become an all-electric brand. But whether he can become the leader in electromobility is a big question. In my personal opinion, Mercedes-Benz, like #tesla, is a brand with its own established image and its own audience. And therefore, I believe that even though Mercedes-Benz will «bite off» a part of the electric vehicle market, it will mostly be fans of this particular German brand.

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