General Motors CEO Mary Barra challenges Elon Musk.


For more than four years now, GM’s current CEO Mary Barra has been pursuing a consistent policy of smoothly transforming the company into electromobility. Several years ago, this even led to accusations against her from the then US President Donald Trump, who, on his Twitter account, «accused» Mary Barr of being stabbed in the back.

One of these days GM Gender

Competition and racing are great. And GM is seriously and thoroughly involved in this process.

Despite all the charisma of Elon Musk, Tesla will not be a monopoly. Although this was not the task. The task was precisely to transform the industry as a whole. And it has, in fact, been resolved. By 2025, General Motors may well become the leader in the production and sales of electric vehicles in the United States. This company also has a «nuclear» audience that is now waiting for a decent offer in the electric segment. Some of the names are worth — #cadillac, Buick, #chevrolet, #hummer.

GM’s strategy assumes stable revenue growth in the electromobility sector —

This will be ensured solely through their own funds and efforts. #general motors designed and implemented

It is also important that the company has a wide network of dealers and maintenance stations throughout the country. Nearly 90% of the # US population lives within 16 kilometers of a GM dealership, the company says.

In addition to a wide dealer network, GM is going to be closer to the people through the development of a branded charging network. Next year, companies are starting to implement a project in which

If you look at the company’s performance on the stock exchange, then judging by the company’s stock chart, it is clear that the actions of GM’s management and their results are generally perceived by the market with approval.

And where does the electricity come from for all this? Out of the socket?

According to the company, by 2025 «


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