Germany insists on the sun


Renewable energy development,

But if at the launch of new productions it was a question of insignificant production volumes, now

Как Meyer Burger Technology AG

The commissioning of new solar generation capacities in Germany amounted to in the first six months

Germany is forecast to enter service this year

Today, the share of solar generation in the generation in August is

Solar generation 19%, wind took 17.6%, biomass 9%, hydroelectricity 7%


In the field of solar generation development, a lot has been done, but not enough. Fraunhofer ISE has conducted a study and it says that it is necessary to introduce

The first is the promotion

This discovery is already

The second way is

Another direction is # front panels. Researchers at the Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hameln (ISFH) have developed a technology to apply a special

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