Hengchi Summer Tests ended successfully


This, perhaps, did not do not yet one automaker. In the short time it was necessary to carry out a large-scale series of tests of the new line of electric vehicles, which should rose on the conveyor at the end of this and early 2022.

Evergrande auto chose two locations for testing electric cars Hengchi 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7. The most severe place for summer tests was the area near the city of Turfan, which is 694 km south from the border with Russia. # Landscapes around the city someone will remind the desert Arizona or Nevada, but it’s still hard. The city, and naturally, the district itself is south of Tien Shan mountains and is located in the Turfan depth of the depth

The second location for the test was almost the Paradise Island # Hainan, a place near the city of Quunhai. The climate feature of this place is the average relative humidity at the level of 90%. It is hot and very humid. This is a very serious test for all car materials, and of course for connecting power cables and all electrics.

Five models were put on the test (Hengchi 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7), and at the same time was tested by 53 cars. These are unprecedented large-scale trials. Tests lasted 70 days, the total test time was more than 20,000 hours, and the mileage is more than 500,000 kilometers. Let me remind you that the same rigid tests #evergrande auto spent last winter in Inner Mongolia.

During the test, the reliability of the battery system, the electric drive system, charging, the thermostat of the battery and climate control and other Hengchi car characteristics are checked. What could be more accurate than the tests in real conditions? Moreover, in fact, most of the future owners of these electric vehicles will never go to place extremely than forest lines or a beach on a lake or river.

Here they also passed calibration tests in high temperatures, off-road, and in the clouds of dust and sand. And by the way, this is a real test to verify the reliability of suspension elements. Ultra-loss runs showed how far you can leave in a real situation, and not on the test bench. As stated in the company, thanks to serious # R & D work and testing, as well as strict production process standards, five Hengchi models showed excellent reception results and demonstrated # high characteristics.

The other day, Hengchi 7 sedan was seen in the urban stream in one of the Chinese cities. # Electric car photographed, and it turned out that the passing road tests Hengchi 7 is somewhat different in its design from what was presented at the showroom in Shanghai at the end of April.

At the #Hengchi 7 came on the road, there were not LED headlights, like show-kara, but linated. Also noticeable adjustment of the shape of the rear view mirror and the front bumper. Let me remind you that the Sedan Range of Hengchi 7 on NEDC is 710 km.

Recently, we reported to you that

But according to a fresh report of the company, as they say «

That is, the company gradually moves away from the feature, which was previously unable to overcome byton. Let’s hope that the Evergrande Group will be able to independently realize its electromotive project fully. Well, and #xiaomi will go through his way

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