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The topic of creating electromagnetic weapons, including those based on the «Gauss cannon» principle, has been hovering in the arms circles for many years. In the United States and in Russia, work is underway to create railgun guns. But they, due to the need to use high-power currents, are only suitable for large military installations, for example, on ships. As for «Gauss weapons», this is quite a topic for a single shooter. Even 10 years ago, some enthusiasts collected such experimental systems, almost on their knees. The principle of a linear electromagnetic accelerator is not so complicated. But then, to create any effective electromagnetic gun, nothing at all was enough — compact and powerful energy storage devices (batteries) and the same capacitors. Now these elements are, every year they are becoming more powerful, capacious, smaller, which means that # um-weapons will eventually become as common as today # an electric car.

The sound of the shutter, the striker, the sound of a shot, the smell of gunpowder, all of this will become a thing of the past in the future. As transport is gradually moving away from the use of fossil fuels, so weapons will gradually change. The gunpowder will be replaced by an electromagnetic accelerator, and a bullet can be made from almost any piece of reinforcement of the required diameter.

American #startup

The magazine of the EM rifle is designed for 10 «rounds». And the battery capacity is enough for 40 shots. The projected rate of fire of the rifle is 100 rounds per minute. The initial muzzle velocity of a steel bullet is 75 m / s. GR-1 «ANVIL» is still far from indicators that will be of interest to the military, but for small game hunters it will do quite well. Its muzzle energy ranges from 85 to 100 J, which is comparable to some models of pistols and small-bore rifles.

If you look closely at the photo of the GR-1 «ANVIL», you can easily understand the complete set of its energy component. Battery cells are hidden in the stock. Above the trigger is the electronic control unit. Under the barrel, around which the accelerating coils are located, there is a block of capacitors. As simple as a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

In addition to the GR-1 «ANVIL» rifle, the company produces and sells an electromagnetic # pistol

Already, the military and #police # of the usa are interested in the appearance on the market of a new type of weapon. And not surprising. After all, if this can be done in any garage, then law enforcement and defense departments, of course, will try to take this segment under control, and even use this type of weapon. It has a number of undeniable advantages. Lack of gunpowder, casings, the ability to make a «projectile» from a variety of options for steel products, the ability to choose the power of the shot (to defeat, or non-fatal injury). Low noise. Smaller thermal footprint. It has practically nothing to wear out, and the simplicity of the circuit makes it very reliable. And, as it is not sad to realize, in the future, this type of weapon will be used in space.

As I wrote at the beginning, over time, all the energy elements of EM weapons will become lighter, more compact and more capacious, which, as a result, will reduce the weight of such weapons, and in terms of destructive power it will be equal, and maybe at some point even surpass firearms. It’s just a path of evolution and technology development.

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