In America, a 100th serial electric office with a filling from Cummins


Cummins and Gillig today announced the release of a 100th joint electrobe, which was supplied to the Metro Transit operator in St. Louis (Missouri).

For those who do not know, and does not understand how the # electrical workers and #cummins are combined, I will remind you that for several years already the most famous manufacturer of diesel equipment leads policies for «carbon neutral» transformation. The company creates electrolysis equipment for the production of hydrogen, also a few years ago, she bought a company-developer of fuel cells, and a company for the development and production of lithium batteries. Back in 2017 Cummins presented the concept of its first fully electric truck. Since then, the process of research and technological developments of carbon black systems is only gaining momentum.

Yes, a company with such history and reputation cannot make a poor-quality product and have unreliable suppliers. Otherwise, she would not expect so many years. And here we see «electric» transformation at all levels — component manufacturers (CUMMINS), buses (Gillig) manufacturers, and end users, public public transport operator, in this case, Metro Transit from Saint Louis.

For electric drives, Gillig Cummins supplies an electrical platform and rechargeable assemblies.

The only thing that seems to me in this electric crash is archaic, so it is his # design. Although it may be tribute to American traditions in the design of this type of passenger transport. Now in # USA is operating more than 27,000 Gillig buses. And it is likely that at this stage the exterior is not the most important moment.

Gillig Electrobe Has Battery Capacity

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Transformation Cummins is not too noticeable for the majority, but it goes well and consistently. One of the «fronts» of this transformation is to cooperate with the family-owned company Gillig, which has established the production of electric drives. This company leads its history since 1890. In her lineup now there is both «classic» diesel # buses and hybrid, gas-car, and purely rechargeable — electric.