In Russia, Rusat Greenway will build a new plant for processing lithium batteries


Our readers, commenting on the articles about the construction of battery plants, are often wondering, and where they will be disposed of and processing them. In fact, the answer to this question is extremely simple and clear. Today, all electromotive and rechargeable manufacturers, in parallel with the construction of their batteries, the production of batteries are also building and battery processing plants. The largest metallurgical companies are employed by the same process. We tell me about it so often that sometimes you are given a diva, why do such questions arise at all.

Approximately the same situation occurred when practically half a month ago we published the news that the sectoral integrator Rosatom, the company # Ranner signed

On this question, Rosatom answered, creating a company in the structure of the State Corporation

In the Nizhny Novgorod region there is the city of Dzerzhinsk, who was still in Soviet times one of the centers of the chemical industry in the USSR. He retained this status and Russia. In the near future, thanks to Rosatom investments, # Dzerzhinsk will become the Russian leader in the system

At the enterprise, aluminum, copper, magnetic fraction, lithium-containing concentrate, nickel-cobalt alloy and nickel-iron alloy will be extracted from the batteries. In a press release of the company, I did not find the exact description of the technological process itself, but judging by the most popular in the world in this industry is the technology of hydrometallurgia, it is likely to be applied.

Rosatom declares that the plant will be equipped with all modern means of cleaning air and sewage. And what it will really be so, I have practically no doubt. It will be indicative of innovative and efficient production, including so that it can be proud to say that it is # Made in Russia, # is done with us. Naturally, the recycling process means that the concentrates obtained after the processing of old batteries will be directed to the re-production of lithium batteries, which is called a filling recycling system.

So, # recycling, thanks to the efforts of GK Rosatom, will become an integral part and Russian rechargeable production. Now in this area in Russia, the company MEGAPOLISRESURS has long been working, the head of the company told in the # interview

Well, we will follow the development of this project with Rusat Greenway, and if possible, we will tell about its technological features.

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