Innovative projects for electric transport in Moscow are presented on the Demo-day of the accelerator Transport innovations in Moscow


At the event held on July 21, the #demo-day of the accelerator “

In this case, we are interested in projects that were directly related to the use of electric vehicles and personal low mobility devices. Of all the projects, only 2 met this requirement:

IT Charge


As you can see, each project contributes to the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles of various classes, from an electric scooter to an electric vehicle.


By the middle of this decade, several thousand charging stations will operate in Moscow and in the Moscow region as a whole. Naturally, there will be many network operators and public charging points. And so that in the future the electric vehicle does not get lost in this flow of information and opportunities, it would be convenient to have an integrated information system.

We asked Dmitry Matvievsky, the head of #it charge, a few questions.

Dmitry, the essence of your project is to create a universal platform that would be convenient for both station owners and users. Right? What can be included in the IT Charge ecosystem? Why is this more convenient than the same #plugshare? Who already, what charging networks is your partner?

Dmitry Matvievsky

The second infrastructure project in the field of charging services will be the #raido project. This team presented a SWAP vending station for electric scooter batteries. In fact, we have already talked about similar projects many times. They are successfully implemented in Taiwan, China, Europe and the USA. Now this system, with some delay, comes to Russia as well.

In its essence, it will be convenient for users, since they will not be left with a discharged battery. And of course, this will be beneficial for kicksharing services, since a session for using an electric scooter can last as long as the user needs, and not as long as the battery charge will last.

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