ISS Dancing Again?


You really don’t know how to cry or laugh. Although, for both, in this scenario, it is already too late. There is only one form of reaction …

First, let’s read what they wrote about what happened to the ISS today on the official Twitter of the Roscosmos corporation.

Now, let’s translate it from bird-like administrative to understandable Russian.

That is, again, «someone» unplanned, or vice versa, turned on the engines of the Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft for the so-called testing. A tweet from Roscosmos says it was «testing». So it was planned. The question is, by whom and for what, since it is necessary to explain why the station suddenly «started to dance» again! Probably the «test» did not go according to plan, or it was too «squeezed» by the gas, and the ISS «temporarily changed orientation.»

By the way, according to reports from the Houston MCC, the situation ended due to the consumption of fuel on the Russian ship. If this is indeed the case, then this is already a trend, however.

This is the second similar case, after

Listen, what is happening, in principle, is almost on the verge of an emergency. Of course, #roscosmos reports that everything was promptly fixed. But the sediment remained. Commentators in the English-speaking segment are arguing with might and main whether it is time for #nasa to develop a procedure for emergency undocking from the Russian # iss segment in the event of a repetition of such situations.

Although, maybe it’s just a script, to heighten the action? What do you think?

According to the entire volume of incoming information, an emergency situation took place. Here’s what they say about it

Translating into Russian:

To visualize and understand what happened, let’s see the graph of the orientation of the solar panels, and the animation that visualizes the forced abnormal «maneuver» of the station and the degree of deviation along the axes.

Of course, it’s good that everything worked out … this time … But the second similar case indicates that there are problems.

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