It couldn’t be more budgetary.


The Chinese company Chery named its new electric car quite funny for the Russian ear — Ku-ku Ice Cream … QQ Ice Cream. Everything about this electric car is fun, from looks to price. Here it is necessary to clarify that # the new car has nothing in common (except for the letter designation) with the old «pop-eyed» #qq, which was practically a copy of Daewoo Matiz.

It was once said that a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation. Nowadays, this expression takes on a new meaning. An electric car is not only a means of transportation — it is a guarantee of Free movement, limited only by the level of charge of its battery.

The #chery automobile introduced the QQ Ice Cream electric car, not the first mini electric car in the company’s lineup.

QQ Ice Cream is in the same category, it is practically a «stool» on wheels. Something cubic, with three doors, but a cheerful exterior and interior. Due to its dimensions of the A-class, it is clear that it was simply impossible to cram a 60-100 kWh battery there, with a corresponding expectation of the range. The QQ will be offered in two versions, with a rechargeable battery.

It will be possible to charge # an electric car to full from a regular household outlet overnight. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for the battery for 8 years or 120,000 kilometers. And the guarantee for the car itself (that is, its body) is 3 years or 100,000 km. That is, if the body can already be sent for recycling, then the batteries can still be used as a home energy storage.

The dimensions of the electric vehicle are 2980 x 1496 x 1637 mm (L-W-H), and the wheelbase is 1960 mm.

QQ Ice Cream will cost, in terms of our rubles,

As I wrote above, the little car looks very positive. Probably thanks to its headlights. Inside, everything is spartan simple, but the color also makes you smile. I suppose that this electric car, due to its superb budget, will become a place for the realization of the design potential of many of its future owners.

In the Chinese market, it will immediately have plenty of competitors — Dongfeng Fenguang MINI EV, Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, Pocco MeiMei.

By the way, we often talk here about import duties on electric cars, which some are going to raise again, then in order to understand why, just remember what you said during the presentation of the Russian electric car #Kama-1.

And then they said that roughly its price would be in the region

The only real competition can be, again, the Russian #zetta, with an estimated price of

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