Last flight ingenuity on Mars


Today, the 12th, and, according to project managers in JPL (

With a helicopter nothing happened.

Yes, so far it sounds almost like fiction. Electric helicopter Ingenuity arrived on # Mars February 18, 2021, along with the Perseverance market (perseverance). Initially, JPL engineers said that the success would be, if it takes off at all, and performs 5-6 flights. But as you can see, an ingenuity electrovetole is not just performed by its creators the task, but also proving reliability of his design, also showed a great margin of the strength of its components.

Ingenuity spent 12 flights. Twice more than expected its creators.

The South Sita region, to whom Ingenuity flew to his 12th time, as they say in # NASA, is a «geological miracle», with a magnificent combination of sand dunes and rocky outcrops. It is here that the Perseverance squirrel is sent to start a sampling for their subsequent analysis.

August 10 on a professionally ceremony

And that is exactly the case. After all, ingenuity has opened the road to other coalcasting devices, which take off into the sky of Mars after it.

Well, while, how much can be judged by statements in NASA, it can be assumed that «ingenuity» will be left at some time for some long time, and all attention will be switched to the research work of the Perseverance Marshode.

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