Lithium batteries from Rosatom — a product for the domestic market or a new export potential?


A long-awaited event took place this week. Company «

On September 15, in Kaliningrad, the general director of the RENERA company # emin askerov and the Governor of the Kaliningrad region # anton alikhanov signed an agreement on the construction of a # gigafactory for the production of lithium battery cells in the region. The new Russian plant for the production of lithium batteries will be located near the city of Neman, on the territory

The initial production capacity of the future Russian Gigafactory is declared at the level of

Let me remind you that

However, I still had questions, precisely in connection with the chosen location for the future Russian Gigafactory. # Kaliningrad is a very good springboard for the «lithium expansion» of Rosatom in Europe. Taking into account the unfinished Baltic NPP, as well as the existing competencies of Rosatom in the field of wind energy, our company has the potential to produce «decarbonized» battery products, that is, in the energy balance, which will not have fossil fuels. This is very important because

I will try to discuss some of the above questions with competent persons, and as a result inform you, our dear readers.

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