Lucid Air’s stunning electric sedan goes into series production


At the Lucid Motors plant near the Arizona town of Casa Grande, the Lucid Production Preview Week ceremony took place, marking the official start of the serial production of the company’s electric vehicles. The event was attended by representatives of many media, politicians, including Arizona Governor Doug Ducy. The plant itself was commissioned almost a year ago, and during this time a test assembly and final debugging of all production processes took place.

According to the company, they now have a list of 13,000 pre-orders for the flagship #electric car.

Most importantly, despite the still rather modest production capacity of the Casa Grande plant, which will be significantly expanded over time, the #lucid air electric car itself could become one of the main competitors of the #tesla Model S Plaid in the American market, for a start. And this is not surprising.

The electric car has a magnificent and memorable exterior design, a luxurious and super comfortable interior, as well as

Another thing that motorists will like is the driver’s seat. Yes, #electric mobility people are advanced, forward-looking, but still some car habits remain, and not everyone likes Teslav’s #high-tech minimalism. Lucid Air has a balanced combination of high-tech and user-friendly functionality.

Returning to the plant itself, the company recalls that the launched production line has a capacity of

The company’s management promises that next year Lucid Air will appear on the European market. To be honest, I personally liked this #electric car right away. Still not knowing its exact technical characteristics, just looking at the first prototypes, I thought that it would be a very beautiful and worthy electric car. Yes, to compete with Tesla, Lucid’s engineers and designers had to work very hard. And they did it. Although, of course, inspiration does not come by order, but the design is great.

So, we are waiting for Lucid Air in Russia next year.

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