Lucid Motors entered NASDAQ, and declares the expansion of production capacity


July has become rich in news about the exit of electric car companies on open bidding with their shares on NASDAQ.

Electric vehicle manufacturer Lucid Motors has completed a merger process with Churchill Capital Corp IV, which was done specifically to create conditions for faster attracting additional capital from the open market. Now the company’s shares, which is now called Lucid Group Inc, traded on #Nasdaq. Class A ordinary shares go under the LCID tickker, and public warrants under the LCIDW ticker.

Attracting additional capital from the open market will allow Lucid Group to more quickly and effectively implement plans to expand the existing plant in Casa-Grande, in Arizona. The first days of trading gave the company’s additional capital in the amount of

The management and the whole team of the company long and stubbornly fought for their project. At some point it seemed that there was no chance. But the main thing is not to retreat, and not give up! And they turned out. Debut # Electric Mobile Lucid Air received a stunningly beautiful and simultaneously technological, and most importantly, it is already in the serial production stage. Further, thanks to the attraction of capital from the open market, the company will develop its offensive. Some electromotive startups and projects never go beyond the stage of startup, and loud statements and empty PR stocks. Remember the story with E-mobile. Lucid Motors managed to become a new car brand. It turned out because they initially invested in the project all their strength and knowledge.

I know that many of our readers have long been watching news from #lucid Motors, and it is believed that #lucid Air is one of the coolest electric vehicles, from all those represented today. The company has another good news. #lucid Group plans to start deliveries Lucid Air to Germany, and in general, the European market, already in early 2022.

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