Lucid Motors went up the hill after the start of mass production


Just two days ago, a car startup

The first model of the new automaker is the #lucid air electric sedan with a starting price

The company’s market capitalization is now

So, those who are now biting their elbows, realizing that in vain they listened to «analysts» and «experts» who constantly predicted the bankruptcy of Tesla, and did not buy their shares on time, they have the opportunity to correct their mistakes, only with #lucid motors. The company, led by Peter Rawlinson, has fundamental foundations and points of stable growth. Among them are our own development and production, the production of batteries for #formula e racing cars, which allows testing batteries under the most severe conditions, the announced gradual expansion of the model range, which will include an SUV and an electric vehicle in the middle price segment.

Also, in a plus for Lucid Motors, you can put that their one of the main shareholders, the sovereign investment fund of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is interested in building at least one more plant, but already on the Eurasian continent. It is not yet clear where this plant will be located. Perhaps,

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