Modern Chinese electric cars and electric motorcycles were presented at the 1st Congress of the All-Russian Movement of Entrepreneurs



Thousands of entrepreneurs from different parts of Russia gathered in the historic estate Grebnevo to take part in the 1st Congress

The guests of the event were expected to have a traditionally rich program — speeches by major entrepreneurs, politicians and public figures, panel discussions, interactive and industry platforms, strategic sessions and, of course, an entertainment program.

During the event, entrepreneurs discussed the program

At the investment platform, decorated in a circle, where speakers were speaking inside, and electric cars were standing around, the participants were able to present their project to an expert jury, potential investors, as well as communicate in an informal setting and get practical advice from businessmen with extensive practical experience in Russia!

The only one in its class! The best electric car for Russia and the CIS countries, with an underdeveloped charging infrastructure. As efficient as the BMW i3, with unlimited driving range thanks to an onboard gasoline generator capable of powering the electric motors. Big and comfortable like a Lincoln Aviator or a Lexus 570. Premium electric all-wheel drive SUV with impressive dimensions!

An electric car was presented nearby

All presented premium Chinese electric vehicles have a proprietary warranty, as well as adaptation for Russia and the CIS countries, and proprietary service.


The car is built on the new SEPA (Smart Electric Platform Architecture) platform with an embedded powerful neural network, supported by a powerful two-chip system. The P7 has excellent performance and all modern autonomy systems and driving assistants that make it enjoyable, comfortable and safe to drive.

The new generation of the permanent magnet synchronous motor boasts a maximum power of 316 kW and a peak torque of 655 Nm. The ultra-thin 110 mm rechargeable battery with a capacity of 80.9 kWh has an excellent specific energy density of 80.9 W / h / kg. The range on a fully charged Xpeng P7 battery is 706 km.

Another electric car presented in DC “

Baic EU-5 received power equal to 55 kW or 218 horsepower, battery warranty is 8 years or 150,000 km. The declared range of the electric vehicle is 420 km.

One of the freshest novelties in the world of electric vehicles presented by the company

In 2018, sales of a crossover called the Tang started in China, known for being the work of a former Alfa Romeo designer. At the beginning of this year, BYD Auto announced the release of an electric version of the car: the electric crossover will be called the BYD Tang EV600. And now he is already in Russia!

The electric vehicle has a 4.8-meter body with a 2820 mm wheelbase and two electric motors, one on each axle. Externally, the Tang EV600 differs from the petrol version in a different design of the front bumper and a matrix pattern of the radiator grille.

The total power of the power plant is equal to 490 hp, which is a truly impressive characteristic of the novelty. The manufacturer claims that the BYD Tang EV600 takes just 4.4 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km / h, with a top speed of 180 km / h.

The capacity of the battery located under the floor is 82.8 kWh. The power reserve is 500 km according to the NEDC cycle, if the EV600 starts to move at a constant speed of 60 km / h, it will be able to overcome 600 km. The manufacturer guarantees that problems with the operation of BYD Tang will not arise at outdoor temperatures from -30 to +45 degrees Celsius.

The interior of the electric crossover is made in high-tech style. A special mechanism houses the multimedia system screen, which can be either horizontal or vertical. The dashboard is digital. The manufacturer did not forget about the package of electronic systems that ensure safety.


Main product range

The electric vehicle industry is young, with many new manufacturers and small stores. Unlike other companies that only carry out the final trade in products, right on the territory of the hypermarket is located

In the hypermarket

The event at the investment site was held according to the regulations, which were slightly violated, since young businessmen really wanted to tell in detail about their activities. And the proverb, brevity is the sister of talent — has not been canceled. Young businessmen announced their projects and were looking for investors for their practical implementation. The topic of the development of attracting the interest of buyers was very interesting.

A welcoming speech at the investment site was made by the General Director of the company Electromobiles of the World, Member of the Board


The event was very eventful and useful for us! The musical and business part was interesting. The exhibition of folk crafts greatly complemented the event and delighted with delicious treats from bakers and chefs.

For our part, we talked with a large number of interested businessmen in the development of electric transport in our country and improvement of the environmental situation in the megalopolises of Russia. In the evening we had a pleasant time at a musical concert performed by Andrei Arkadievich. A walk along the river embankment and the opportunity to just sit and swim in the river delighted all the guests. Cozy houses on the territory of the estate pleasantly surprised with their comfort and novelty.

The lack of a charging infrastructure in the estate for electric vehicles did not bother anyone, since all the electric trains arrived fully charged and they did not need charging today. Charging stations for the Grebnevo estate have already been reserved, and at the next meeting we will definitely make an offer to Andrey Arkadievich about systematic demonstration and test drive of electric vehicles, holding round tables Investments in electric transport, at the same time, we will put charging, along with the play of these useful events!

Dear readers, the world of electric transport in Russia is just entering your life! Especially for you who have the desire to switch to electric traction today and stop spending your company’s budget on fuel and lubricants and paid parking in Moscow, you can sign up for an individual consultation in which I will cover the topics:

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