More innovative Tesla, and more luxurious Rolls Royce, Bentley, and even Maybach?


Faraday Future is one of the first electromobile startups that was ready to «blow up» the automotive industry five years ago, as Tesla had already done. Then the company unveiled a prototype of its # ff91 luxury electric crossover, equipped with full digital and cloud functionality and an autopilot system. But at some point, everything went wrong.

It will take too long to enumerate the misadventures of Faraday Future. The main thing is different. The team did not give up, and in spite of everything continued to fight for the project.

So, on July 22, Faraday Future, having entered #nasdaq under the ticker “FFIE”, officially became an open joint stock company, whose shares can be bought now. What did this give the company, which has been trying to establish production for more than 4 odes? According to FF, they were able to consolidate $ 1 billion, which should finally allow them to start mass production at their own plant in Hanford, California, and at the production facilities of partners in China.

The FF management announced that a limited edition FF 91 «Futurist Alliance Edition» of 300 cars will be produced shortly. These will be luxury all-wheel drive electric cars with a total capacity of 3 electric motors of 1050 hp. (about 772 kW) and

Such cool performance should not be surprising. Although the company could not establish its own serial production in the previous time, they had their own team in the #formula e races for a long time, and developed the necessary technologies. As production is adjusted, electric vehicles with 86.7 kWh, 108.3 kWh and 130 kWh batteries will be released on the market as a limited edition.

The company said in a press release, “The FF 91 Futurist Alliance Edition and FF 91 Futurist models represent the next generation of smart products for Internet-enabled electric vehicles. It is not only high-performance electric vehicles, versatile vehicles and sophisticated robotic vehicles, but also the third space on the Internet. Our goal is maximum user-friendliness and the creation of a coherent ecosystem. «

Though belated, but still a start, FF follows the path already passed by other companies. First, the # luxury model FF91 will hit the market. Then there will be models of business and «budget» classes — FF 81 and FF 71. In China, from where this # machine can come to our Russian market, production will be supported by the FF partner #geely.

Dr. Carsten Breitfeld, CEO of Faraday Future

Over the years, the company has gone through a lot and survived. As the saying goes: what does not kill, makes stronger. Having gone through all the previous problems and crises, and now led by Carsten Breitfeld, the company is entering the production starting line. Of course, they will not have huge production volumes like #tesla, but the main thing is to start, to win the trust of buyers and the market. Further on … Maybe at some point in time Karsten Breitfeld will nevertheless decide to connect here his previous Byton project, which is now in a state of hibernation, to put it mildly.

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