Morris is greeted by clothes


Not every automotive, or rather electric, startup is destined to survive in a harsh world, competing with large companies. But the British company Morris Commercial, in all likelihood, will succeed.

Let me remind you that about two years ago, the Chinese automotive giant SAIC Motor bought the rights to the brand that has long died in Bose.

As I wrote at the beginning, not all new EV brands are successful. But in the case of #morris commercial, there are several parameters that play into the hands of the company. First, it is of course that the car giant revived the delirium. And for the Chinese corporation #saic motor it is not stressful to maintain a small British asset, but in terms of status and respect for British automotive history, it will even be beneficial.

Secondly, the presented # commercial van Morris JE, which should start mass production before the end of this year, is designed to be as cost-effective as possible for its future owner. Its body is made of carbon fiber, and the chassis is made of aluminum and also uses carbon fiber. Thanks to this, the weight of the machine itself has become less, and, therefore, more cargo can be taken on board. In this configuration

Thirdly, the van is already interested in the fleets of such companies as BP, BT, Direct Line Group, Royal Mail, ScottishPower, Severn Trent and Tesco. Moreover, some of these companies are already cooperating with other British manufacturers of electric commercial vehicles, in particular with Denis Sverdlov’s company «Arrival». By the way, there will be an interesting mix of styles in the fleets of these companies — # hi-tech from #arrival and # retro from Morris Commercial. One does not interfere with the other, but complements well.

Another attractive technical feature is its range. For foggy Albion, the electric commercial van’s mileage range is

So I think the Chinese have chosen a good strategy. They have revived the famous British #brand. We have modernized the exterior and interior design, while maintaining a unique style. And filled the retro design with relevant content. The British news for today does not end there …

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