Neo Cars Moscow Brought to Moscow The first electric car byd Han EV


The Chinese Multi-Profit Corporation BYD, producing from household electronics to railway, commercial and passenger transport, has brought the flagship five meter # sedan byd Han EV. As it is now accepted in China, he is enrolled in the category of transport NEV «on new energy».

Already today, the NEV cars constitute the overwhelming part of sales #BYD. According to the company’s report, in August of the current year, the company sold

In the spring of this year

At the heart of the entire electrical version lies

Range characteristics are quite cool in both options. Who is ready for a new era of fully electric # auto can choose a clean #EV, and its range will allow you to perform long-distance intercity runs. Well, who is not yet ready to completely deny from # internal combustion and how to adopt era EV, it will mostly be a hybrid version.

But the most important thing is in this car, it is its luxury, # Comfort, and saturation of various assistants and multimedia capabilities. What can you learn from our video.

Among other important safety functions are

But nothing to compare with a personal test drive. Traditionally, electric car salon

Sign up for a test drive, you yourself feel everything, and then tell us about your impressions.

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