New crossover Aion LX Plus — 1000 km on a single charge


Chinese electric vehicle brand Aion promises to unveil this month

I don’t know why or why, but the Chinese love to create separate sub-brands within their huge car corporations, and this is especially noticeable in the segment of electric vehicles. In this case, the same thing. #Gac sub-brand and subsidiary created within the GAC corporation in 2017

The brand is focused specifically on the development and production of electric cars. The company currently manufactures and markets electric crossovers AION V Plus, AION LX, GE3 530, sedans AION S Plus, AION S, and hatchback AION Y.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show next week, Aion promises to unveil its new Aion LX Plus electric crossover. It is already in the profile directory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT). So what will be officially presented will not be a #concept or #showcar, but a #car ready for production and sales.

The chip of the new electric car promises to be its battery. The capacity of the battery itself is not small —

So, the new Aion LX Plus will be equipped with a battery with new chemistry, providing a higher energy density, and therefore, in the end, a wider range for an electric vehicle. As I said at the beginning,

If this is the case with #aion lx plus, then this car can become one of the bestsellers in its segment, despite the fact that its price, depending on the configuration, is declared at the level

By the end of this year, ~ 3 million electric vehicles can be sold in China.

It is also important that Chinese manufacturers are working on the energy efficiency of their electric motors. For example, # Aion GE3 530 crossover consumes only

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